Jose Perez - Are You Effectively Attracting Multi-Cultural Clients and Agents?

Depending on the marketplace, minorities make up an increasingly important part of your client base and agent pool. African, Asian, and Hispanic Americans populations each have specific cultural needs, expectations, and nuances. Sensitivity, or lack thereof, will determine your ability to successfully serve and profit from those markets.

As a bi-lingual Cuban American raised in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and Miami, Jose brings a unique perspective to an important opportunity many brokerages are ignoring. Minority consumers and agents will see through disingenuous means to engage them. This session is designed to highlight the many factors that need to be considered if they are planning to sincerely attract this market.  Jose will review the several important topics including:

  • Different types of African, Asian, and Hispanic Americans and how you can't throw everyone into one big pot
  • The importance of language and outreach
  • Understanding special financing and other needs of these communities
  • How you should be communicating online to show you care

Minority consumer buying power is only getting bigger.  How well can you profit from this?


Bernice Ross - Put It Local, Take It Global: Nine Secrets for Working With Global Clients

Today's real estate market is no longer just local - it's global. Serving the global real estate consumer requires a completely new set of strategies that honors cultural differences while also integrating the best of Web 2.0 strategies including the videoization of the web, iPodification, and innovative uses of social media platforms.  This session reveals nine secrets of working more effectively with both local and global clients both on and offline.

Learning Objectives: Participants in this session will learn how to:   

  1. Implement best practices that capitalize on four new business shaping trends: videoization of the web, iPodification, globalization, and social media.
  2. Modify their communication strategies to fit global clients including taboos to avoid, key points of differentiation between numerous countries, as well as key body language cues to watch for when clients are not fluent in English.
  3. Four key cultural dimensions that help agents and brokers understand differences between U.S. clients vs. those from other countries including directness, hierarchy, consensus, and individualism vs. collectivism.
  4. How to leverage Web 2.0 for business development and efficient global customer service.
  5. How to unlock the buying codes for most major countries.
  6. Five key expectations most global clients share. 
  7. How to implement listing and website translation services, listing syndication, and video syndication to attract and convert more global business.
  8. Taboos to avoid.

Results: Your participants will provide better customer service to their global clients due to a better understanding of cultural differences, be able to reach more global clients through global Web 2.0 strategies, plus convert more global client leads into closed business.

This session may be presented in a 90 minute, 120 minute, or 180 minute format.



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