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Rich Levin - The Nine Steps to Build an Effective and Profitable Real Estate Team

  •  The Three Priorities
         o Assistants make you money
         o Assistants improve your image and reputation
         o Assistants free your time and mind
  • Determining job descriptions, skill sets, schedule, and compensation
  • Reviewing resumes, interviewing, and hiring
  • Training, delegating and supervising
  • Evaluating, correcting,  motivating, and managing (Sometimes firing)
  • Measuring and controlling profitability and growth

A successfully functioning team provides the ultimate goals for a Real Estate Agent; profitability, recognition, and personal freedom.  Creating and directing that team requires a different set of skills than that of a successful Real Estate Agent.  And it requires a higher level of business proficiency.  There are few individuals with the first hand experience of coach, Rich Levin; at leading Agents to extraordinary success with their Assistants and Team.